That’s Not True!

I found it pretty interesting as I sat down to write this blog post and started to reflect on my strategies for gathering information from the media around me.  I have always viewed myself as someone who was skeptical and willing to make sure the news that I was gathering was always credible and reliable. In todays society this can become a daunting task due to the flooding of fake news that is around us at all times. Anytime you access any type of media you are swarmed with stories, and often times these stories are false or altered. My views and opinions have changed drastically after presenting on Fakenews….

In my daily life I am ashamed to say that I am a slave to my cellphone. I often catch myself checking it constantly.  I am on socially media sites, game sites or the internet, being overwhelmed at the news and ads that are coming my way without even noticing. Often I will read a headline from an article and take it at its word, when in fact I am more then likely being lied to.  In todays society it has become easy to publish your own website or post your own ad, allowing anyone to post any type of misinformation they want. Often information will be posted for likes or to play on peoples emotions.  Through this course I have become more aware of what to look for to identify credible sources or even cross check facts.  This video posted in our class really hit home..

As a teacher in todays world it troubles me to think of what our students read on a daily basis. If I am able to get swayed by a false headline or article, I can’t help but think how easy it would be for a student lacking the critical thinking skills to become tricked by fake news.  It becomes dire that we teach our students not only to be critical of the news they read online, but of all information that they are given. The amount of time our students spend online they will be introduced to a great deal of misinformation.  I feel that it is my duty to make my students aware of what they are reading.  This course has forced me to re evaluate my teaching.  Look forward to tackling this the rest of the year and in the future.




2 thoughts on “That’s Not True!

  1. Hey Carter! I posted that video to our conversation section…it really hit home for me too! If we want to raise a generation of people who want change and fight for it, we need to make sure they are not only informed by trying to change the way media is shared and reported, but how to sift through information and find the truth. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  2. I agree, Carter. If we are questioning our own critical reading of media, imagine what are students are (or are not) doing when they are reading online. I think we have an obligation as well – I just hope teachers can find a way to do it authentically, so students don’t just hear these lessons as more “blah blah blah from my teacher”. Thanks for your thoughts!


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