Final Project…Y’all Ready for This

When approaching my final project I was trying to figure out what would be the best way that I could help my students become better digital citizens.  When I sat down and tried to figure this out I quickly understood that I did not have a grasp of digital citizenship for myself, so how could I properly teach digital citizenship to a bunch of 12 and 13 years olds who have their phones glued to their hands 95% of the day. I decided that I would begin my project by polling my students to help me understand what they thought digital citizenship was…they knew very little.  So I feel like I had an idea for my project…


I decided since I am clueless when it comes to digital citizenship and my students seem to be clueless when it comes to digital citizenship, why not learn together.  So began the premise of my final project.  I have decided to implement aspects of the Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools into my teaching. I have began by creating a digital citizenship policy with my students for our classroom.  Something that I would not have considered before, but I gave my students a voice and together came up with a very interesting and effective policy that will keep our class engaged and safe when comes to technology.

The second step into my digital citizenship project is to focus on three aspects of Ribble’s 9 elements and teach these through exploring apps, blogs and social media that my students are already using. I want to focus on and incorporate 1) digital etiquette 2) digital rights and responsibilities and 3) digital law into my classroom.  The way that I believe that this will have the greatest impact on them is by using technology that is relevant and already being used.  I was blown away recently when a few of my students told me that they are on their devices for sometimes exceeding 8 hours a day. Without being taught how to be good digital citizens, my students could run the risk of leaving a bad digital footprint.

Finally I want to tie all of our learning together by allowing my students to complete a final project that has to utilize technology and explain what they have learned about digital citizenship. I have not completely figured out what I will do for our final project in my class, but when I have it pieced together I will make sure to let you know! Here goes nothing…



6 thoughts on “Final Project…Y’all Ready for This

  1. Sounds like an interesting project Carter. It sounds like you have thought through what your vision will be. Like you, I am working to implement my project into the classroom. Unlike you, I know absolutely nothing about Coding (which is my focus), and the students in my focus group “do” know a thing or two about coding. I am looking forward to watching these students be my teachers as I become digitally literate in this area. I’m looking forward to hearing what your students teach you through this process as well! Best of luck!


  2. Great post, Carter! I’m looking at doing something very similar with my students, so I’m very interested to hear updates from you in terms of how it’s going! I am curious though, why you chose to focus on only three of the elements? Perhaps, something to utilize in extension after your initial planning rolls out? Best of luck to you, and hopefully we can share some ideas in developing our projects throughout this course!


  3. Looking forward to hearing more, Carter. Be sure to include as much detail as possible as you move forward. For instance, it would have been great to have known how exactly you polled your students and what the results were. I’m also looking forward to hearing what aspects of the three elements you chose to cover and how. More detail, the better!

    Also, it’s great to see you learning along with your students – teachers don’t always have to be experts and it’s great that you are working with them to learn together!


  4. Thanks for sharing that your knowledge of technology is limited and you desire to know more about it to better yourself and help your students. I find it difficult to teach digital citizenship to kindergarten children, but i am inspired to ask them more questions about what they do at their home, and pole them if their parents have talked about what is safe and not online.


  5. I love the idea of learning alongside your students. I would love to see the policy you developed with your students and how you went about implementing this.

    I look forward to hearing more about your project.


  6. I think this is a great project idea! Like Megan, I think it is great to learn about digital citizenship alongside your students. I’m not surprised your students have very little knowledge about digital citizenship. In fact, it reminded me about the idea of digital residents and digital visitors. This is just another indication as to why we need to be educating our children and students about the importance of digital citizenship. I am glad to see you taking charge and teaching your students about these elements! I look forward to reading more about your project!


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