Me a Millennial…That Can’t Be Right

First off, when thinking of the students within our schooling system the first term that came to mind was millennials… wow was I blown away when I found out that not only was this generation referred to as generation z, but I was considered a millennial. Shows how much I know about the digital world.


Changes to schooling

When dealing with technology within the classroom it is pretty safe to say that technology is not going away, but instead it is going to only get more prevalent within the schools and in the hands of our students. With this in mind it is only reasonable to expect that schools need to continually grow with the technology and use it as a tool to help our students learn.  Often it is taken for granted that students know how to use technology because they have grown up with it from an early age, but according to Digital Citizenship: The Critical Call to Educate and Prepare 21st-Century Learners our students use technology for socializing with friends and viewing media outlets. This becomes an important element that needs to be focused on within our schools.  We need to give our students the tools to use technology in an effective way so they can be successful in the real world.  In short we need to teach them to become aware and critical thinking digital citizens. According to Bree and Danielle’s presentation a digital citizen is someone who develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the internet and other digital technology.

Moving Forward

Moving forward in the education field I believe that it is going to become crucial for our education system to educate students on the ideals of technology and allow them to see that technology is more then just a way to view other peoples lives. It will become important to give them the skills to use their devices or technology to better themselves and society.  Often I am blown away at my students who can code and create apps, but have trouble formatting a word document.  Often I take for granted something that I was TAUGHT in school and assume they know how to do it because of the time they have spent with technology.

I also begin to wonder if we are going to have to focus more on face to face communication.  At times it seems like it is becoming a lost art, because Generation Z (yeah not millennials…) communicate so much with their device that slang and tech terms are being introduced in to conversations. Often it is a lot easier to communicate via text rather then face to face conversation.

Another concern that I have moving forward with my students is the issue of self esteem.  I often tell my students that the majority of the things that they see on social media are the high points of others lives and that rarely will people post the lows.  It is important to let our students know that they cannot compare their lives to social media because we only see the good in social media.  I feel that due to this our students will have a uphill struggle dealing with self esteem.  Recently the meme came out about the boy focused more on his phone then he was on Justin Timberlake because he was so concerned with letting everyone else know what was happening…. This is the world we live in.


2 thoughts on “Me a Millennial…That Can’t Be Right

  1. I think it is concerning how children are losing the art of face to face communication. I think it will be interesting when they reach an age where that is necessary such as a job interview. Who knows though, maybe in the future job interviews will be via text message or some online tool. That I think is a huge possibility!


  2. Great post, I loved reading it. I totally agree with your view particularly in the moving forward section. As responsible educators we must ensure our students are appropriately educated about the social media platforms and everything they see there may not entirely be true and they are showcased only in the high note and most of the things are too good to be true and are exaggerated and it can never be compare to their own lives, you have stated some important and thought provoking points, I enjoyed reading and would love to see more of your thoughts going forward.


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